It's kind of crazy that the price for hard drives hasn't really changed for quite a few years. Back in 2013, I bought 4x3TB WD RED disks for my NAS for £114.99 each. One of the disks just failed (wow 7 years!) and I was looking to just get a similar 3TB WD RED drive as a replacement. It's £92.42 on Amazon. Only a £22.57 drop in 7 years. I know hard drives would have improved since then, but still would expect the price to have dropped more significantly by now.


Yeah it is kinda strange - but you should not get the new WD RED anymore - they are using SMR.
Seagate Ironwolf thou - I recommend them :)

@selea Yeah I was just reading about that 😓 I'll take a look at the Seagate Ironwolf drives.


My WD REDs has been online since october 2012 24/7 and no single error :)

I also bought the Ironwolfes basically the first day they where launched - and not a single error either

@selea That's a year longer than mine! :)
This is the first disk failure I've had since 2013. Though now I'm getting nervous because perhaps this will be the start of the rest of them failing!


That's neat! FInally something that is not breaking down by purpose (I think)

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