Hmm using as my ingress can be a bit annoying at times as it uses IngressRoute object instead of the normal Ingress objects. It means things such as the Jaeger Tracing operator can't create Ingress rules automatically

And most Helm chart's won't work properly as they use Ingress objects too

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@mhamzahkhan What else could they use? They try to follow what is mainstream/standard and Ingress is (pretty bad) "standard". It is good to have "some" ingress built-in but it is not really meant to be fully production-ready as often routings, ACLs and Auths needs to be handled somewhere else anywhere. I actually decided to define all routing in my "ingress" namespace inside a custom Helm chart. I then source that helm chart from Terraform code.

@k3a Hmm I get your point, but I do wish they kept some form of Ingress compatibility, even if it has missing features compared to IngressRoutes. It's just slightly annoying that I can't use operators eg the Jaeger Tracing operator to automatically create the ingress routes for me.

@mhamzahkhan default k8s Ingress is very limited and useful just for really simple routing. Traefik 2 objects are actually pretty useful and flexible.

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