Hmmm I appear to have runing and federation is working. Now I need to find some rooms to join

@mhamzahkhan When you run Riot locally or an own copy on the web, you can even add my room directory to your setup using this config setting:

@sheogorath Ah I haven't got that far yet. Still trying to fix any config issues with synapse. It's getting stuck whenever I try to join a room, and eventually times out.

@mhamzahkhan Don't be frustrated about that, it sometimes takes a moment as it has to synchronize the whole room state.

I can definitely see your account being joined in some of the rooms :)

Check your system's usage, maybe synapse is a bit hard on it.

@sheogorath Ah! You are right. It looks like I have joined. The rooms popped up by themselves after timing out :D

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