There are reasons why I'm proud of my "home" setup:

1. It just works.
2. I know what I build, so I can fix it.
3. It's all a single login.
4. Maintenance is fully automated.
5. It federates in many ways and therefore doesn't limit, but enable me to share things.

What runs on my setup?

- #Keycloak for authentication
- #Mastodon as microblog
- #Nextcloud for storage
- Synapse for #Matrix as chat
- Postfix/dovecot/SOGo for email
- #CodiMD for notes
- And #GitLab to rule and maintain it.


@sheogorath What backends is Keycloak using?
I have Keycloak running, and authenticating against my FreeIPA servers, but to be honest I haven't really pointed anything to actually use Keycloak yet 😂

@mhamzahkhan I actually use the keycloak internal user backend. I thought about using LDAP but 🤷 There is no really nice management interface for LDAP (besides freeIPA but I don't use that because k5 over the internet is tricky, it's hard to containerize, …) and at the end of the day, for 5 users authenticating once a day in worst case, it's really not needed.

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