Thinking to switch from WordPress to Ghost, but not sure how much effort it would be to move everything over.

@mmarif this will probably horrify everyone, but... I kinda prefer having an idiot proof browser based editor for a blog. Time to hide my face in shame :(
In all honesty, I haven't ever looked at static site generators much, but I may take a look as I'm kinda sick of how bloated WordPress is.

Well it depends. To me i used wp for long and then i moved away from it for many reasons. Broken plugins, outdated plugins, broken themes from time to time and the worst open to the world to find a hole in it and take it over. So the final sol to all these was ssg, generate it on ur local and upload the html to ur server or use gitlab ci/cd[i use it now]. Less headache tbh.

You can check my post. 🙂

@mmarif It's 2:44AM and I'm looking at Gohugo instead of sleeping. 😓

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