@pfefferle Hello! 👋 I was wondering how difficult it would be to get your WordPress ActivityPub plugin to send out new posts via an ActivityPub relay ( Though I''m not sure how useful that would be.

@mhamzahkhan thanks for the idea! Never heard about relays before... do you have some links where I can get more informations about it?

@pfefferle Hmm I'm actually not too sure. I have been reading through the code for a few relays, but I haven't really found any "real" documentation other than that. @finn Would you happen to know if there is any documentation as to how ActivityPub relays work?

@mhamzahkhan @pfefferle I'm sure documentation exists, I have no idea where it is. As I best I can tell, it's just a simple AP node that follows everyone who follows it and boosts all of their public toots.

@mhamzahkhan @pfefferle something i've been experimenting with is telling my relay software to follow other relays, I don't see any reason why it couldn't try to follow a specific user...

@finn @mhamzahkhan the WordPress plugin does not support to follow others. It only allows others to follow blog users. Does it make sense to push AP objects to a relay then?

@pfefferle @mhamzahkhan yeah, either party can do the follow to get the relay to do it.

Right now, the relay software should be able do that by running this command:

flask follow

(yes right now im abusing the flask cli functions, you will need to be in the virtualenv if you have one of those setup)

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