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Hello! I'm Hamzah. I'm a engineer at a large video games company in .
I consider myself a hardcore geek, but these days most of my time is taken up by my son and wife. While I don't really consider myself much of a gamer, I do love the series.
I'm very interested in automation, and have a small addiction to , and

ffplay -i /dev/video0 -vf "crop=iw/2:ih:0:0,split[left][tmp];[tmp]hflip[right];[left][right] hstack" # Hook your laptop up to your TV and use ffmpeg's ffplay to make a 2-sided real-time kaleidoscope cam keeps kids occupied for hours.

What do you use for backing up your Linux based laptop? Obviously I could use rsync, but tbh I'd prefer something a bit similar to how Time Machine works on Mac.

Yesterday I made pizza, and it turned out REALLY good.
The dough was the perfect balance between crispy and chewy. I'm not too sure what I done differently this time that made it perfect like that. Though, I really wish I had space for a gas powered pizza oven 😂

😬 lol, just read a product rating a a big shop for a 2540 L3 Routing Switch with 450W PoE+ Power. Looks like somebody want to use it at home :)

I need to write a script to prune dead instances from my ActivityPub relay. It seems to use all of the CPU when it's trying to connect to a lot of dead instances.

Mannnnnnnn this woman is irritating the hell out of me. I said I would refund it, but she has to pay for postage back. All she has to do is change it so it's no longer marked as "Doesn't work or is defective", then request a refund the proper way. That way I don't have to pay for the return postage. I just don't see why I should incur a loss of any amount due to a mistake she made!

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Coffee Cola Energy Drink. Well that was disgusting. Ended up binning it.

This is like going on eBay, and buying a Intel Pentium 4 machine, and complaining that Windows 10 doesn't support it, then asking for a refund. It's not really the sellers fault, is it?

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I mean, I put the exact model number, so they could easily research it, just as I did when I originally bought them.
And it's just unfair to report it as defective, as now I have to cover the return postage, when in reality in my opinion this is entirely the buyer fault as they didn't research it before buying! If anything, they should cover the postage back to me.

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It's rather annoying that if you sell something on eBay, the buyer can report it as defective and you basically HAVE to refund it. I sold a few Intel Neural Compute Sticks on eBay. These are the original NCS sticks, which aren't supported anymore.
Buyer wants a refund because they didn't do any research before buying, and only just discovered that they would have to use an older version of OpenVino in order to use the NCS. That's not really my fault is it?

Hmm I still have this dedicated server until the 24th. What shall I use it for the next 3 days.

Is it weird to get a bit nostalgic when decommissioning a server you've had for a very long time?

Does anyone use nolisting on their domains? Ie set the primary MX that is always unavailable. If so, how much does it delay email?

19:11:04 up 564 days, 23:27, 2 users, load average: 0.14, 0.10, 0.07. Oops.... I forgot to patch this machine for a while it seems.😅

Moved a bunch of things from my rented OVH dedicated server, to my colocated servers in Coventry.
Just have to wait for DNS caches to update everywhere then I can finally get rid of my OVH machine.

Just watched Greenland. Really enjoyed that. I honestly love natural disaster movies. I don't know why, but I just love them.

ElectroBOOM is by far one of my favourite YouTube channels, but this video made me laugh a lot 😂

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