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Hello! I'm Hamzah. I'm a engineer at a large video games company in .
I consider myself a hardcore geek, but these days most of my time is taken up by my son and wife. While I don't really consider myself much of a gamer, I do love the series.
I'm very interested in automation, and have a small addiction to , and

I set a horizontal pod autoscaler on my sidekiq deployment in my cluster. It's cool seeing the number of pods increase.

It's almost time to go home but I'm still so sleepy, and need more coffee.

I really wish had an integrated prometheus exporter to export stats about sidekiq and other things.

Is it normal to get constraint violation errors like this: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "index_status_stats_on_status_id"
or is something funny with my DB?

Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2019-10-15T00:00:00.000Z

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee don't renew it. Stupid domain squatters.

The old registrar I was using was very crap, and their system didn't send me any notification that my domain was expiring. I mainly use this domain for internal stuff, so I didn't really notice either .... until Namebright registered it, and wanted $8000 for it. :@ Tomorrow it's expiring. I really hope they don't renew it so I can finally have it back.

Every time I hear about the messed up things that the Chinese government is doing to the people, it makes me very sad.

Feel kinda nauseous today. I hope I'm not getting sick :(

I really need to get the Remote Access Cards for my HP Microservers. One of them has crashed, and I have it plugged in in a corner where it's very difficult to connect a monitor to see what is happening.

I was so convinced that it was Friday today for the first 2 minutes after I woke up. Kinda disappointed when I realized it's only Thursday.

Someone earlier said Jeff Bezos makes more in a week than you could have earned at $5k/day since Columbus reached the US.

I didn't believe it.

I checked.

It appears to be true.

This is disgusting.

I wish there were a way to stop domain squatters. I wanted a domain, but they are asking for $6k for it

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